What are we doing?

Right now we're keeping it close to Richmond to write and record the next album.  It's been fun playing with more less-organic sounds* and allowing that to become incorporated.  Sometimes you can hear when a band has gotten all new gear and their sound changes drastically from one album to the next, though that's not the case for us.  We're just getting more comfortable experimenting with knobs without feeling techno-tied.  

More Prophet sounds and less thump-thump.

After last year, it feels great to be in one place for a bit to have time to focus on creating instead of van-riding.  Van-riding is great too, but we're excited to have a new product!


*(semi non sequitur:  Riding on metro in New York last week I was sitting next to a guy who listened to that "Gasolina" song on repeat.  It's a catchy song, but on repeat?  He looked very hip & boho, like he should have had some Arvo Pärt streaming through that iPod).

Everybody, Gasolina!

Post Holidays, Yo!

The Holidays are over and a bit of writing's been done between the cinnamon tea and cookies!  I finally got my record player fixed and buzzed down to some Moody Blues, Stereolab, Mikis Theodorakis & some sort of Hebrew children's vinyl I picked up at Stereo Jack's in Cambridge, Mass. 

Aside from writing in the woods in Virginia, trying to find the shoe my dog's always moved and enjoying some downtime, there's a new OvD website in the making! 

It's a bit of an upgrade from this one, sturdy as it has been.  So~  keep your eyes peeled! 

2013 = shiney!



Here's a link to "Last Year" recorded with members of OvD & Richmond's Marionette: